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November is Here but the Halloween Scares Aren't Over Just Yet!

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Halloween day may have come and gone but the scary-good fun doesn't stop this weekend. A ton of Haunted Attractions here in Alabama are still opening their doors to thrill seekers for the next couple of days. End the Halloween Season off right and make the most out of the local scares that are nearest you!

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Nightmare at 3008
Fultondale, AL
Open Friday 11/2, Saturday 11/3 and Sunday 11/4
Welcome to the House of Psychos. So glad that you decided to get the help you need. Wait right here and someone will show you to your new r.
Insanitarium Haunted Attraction
Pinson, AL
Open Friday 11/2
Dr. Ausnemen has grown weary of his experimentations upon the undead. With his genius, the doctor created a machine. The machine allows Insanitarium visitors to see places unknown and encounter creatures unfathomable.
Hellbilly Hollow
Vincent, AL
Open Saturday 11/3
PV Slaughterhouse
Rainsville, AL
Open Saturday 11/3
The freaks from the PV Haunted Trail have moved to a new location. The PV Slaughterhouse is located only two miles from the old haunt in an abandoned meat processing plant.
Haunted House over the Hidden Lagoon & Escape the Silo Challenge
Panama City Beach, FL
Open Friday 11/2, Saturday 11/3 and Sunday 11/4
Our 'Haunted House over The Hidden Lagoon' and 'Escape the Silo' attractions opens October 6th! Bring your friends, family, or group to enjoy our friends at The Lagoon.



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