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Adorable and Fun Ghostly Halloween Crafts For the Littlest Ones

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Halloween is one of those holidays you can have a lot of fun with making crafts. There are a number of ghostly crafts that can be made with the little ones who like to get their hands messy, but that aren’t so bad to clean up for adults. It just takes a few simple materials.

Check out these ghostly craft ideas:

  • Ghost Art with Salt from Crafty Morning: Get ghost artwork to hang on your walls! The only materials you’ll need is salt, glue, black paint and a paintbrush. Simple enough, right?

  • Upcycled CD Ghosts from Danya Banya: Have a tree to decorate outside your home? This craft is quick and simple – only requiring old CDs, white paint, paintbrush, black cotton fabric/felt, glue, twine and clear packing tape.

  • Toilet Roll Paper Ghost from Dabbling Momma: There’s so much you can do with that left over toilet roll, including a cute bunch of ghosts! All you need is toilet paper roll, glue, cotton, stick-on googly eyes and black construction paper.

  • Glow in the Dark Family Ghost Canvas from It Happens in a Blink: Want a family portrait, but ghost-style? This is the perfect, fun art project for it. All you need is black canvas, black paint, a paintbrush, glow in the dark glitter glue and adhesive wiggly eyes.

Let us know if you’ll be trying any of these Halloween crafts and share with us any fun ghost craft ideas you have!




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