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Would You Survive a Horror Flick? Find Out Just By Your Name!

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Thanks to MusicMagpie checking out 500 horror films, we now know how likely we would be to die in a scary movie, just by our names! After watching the flicks, MusicMagpie also went through IMDb archives to find out which characters were most likely to fall victim to the evil villains. 

If your name is Robert, you only have a 20% chance of survival, while those with the name of Louis or Pete, have a 100% survival rate! Check out the rest of the list in the charts below and see if your name is on it, and whether you're be a survivor or a victim!

Chart via MusicMagpie

Now, let's check out the list of those who are most likely to survive in a horror film. Here are the Top 20 Names:

Chart via MusicMagpie

If your name made the list - let us know your survival rate by commenting below!



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