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Cemetery Mountain - Munford AL Real Haunted Place

  • Munford, AL
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With a name like Cemetery Mountain it should be no surprise that these scattered graves are rumored to host some ghosts and ghouls. Local tales include the existence of an old abandoned church on the mountain, containing a pedestal bearing a single book; the book can be lifted off the pedestal, but as it is carried toward the church door it gradually becomes heavier to the point that it must be dropped and left behind. The book is said to be the devil's bible and the church is said to host satanic rituals. There have also been reports of glowing red eyes appearing about one foot off the ground, and of an old man looking for his lost dog. Both the dog and the man appear normal at first, but when those who see them turn their heads the dog and man suddenly vanish. These stories may simply be urban legends, but the smattering of tiny cemeteries covered in overgrowth make for a creepy setting in their own right.

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  • Creepiest encounter EVER

    There was this night me and my friends went out, we where young and stupid. We brought our 4-wheelers, and a few beers, and drank a little. We sat on a tomb, a few actually, and laughed the night away. Then, this native American on a stallion warns us . "it is not safe." His voice echoed throughout the entire graveyard, it was husk with a Cree accent. He led us back to our 4 wheelers, and waved to us goodbye. We where driving out, worried. When we where, we heard something following us. I don't know what it is but it scared all of us, all 6'4 bulky men. We where basically peeing our pants at the sound of rustles in the very woods. We never looked back, in fear of what there would be. After that, I hear constant whispers behind me.

    Posted 4/21/23

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  • Bamahat16@gmail.com

    Saw really old Graves in heavily wooded area just off road lots of vandalism smashed toom flipped over toom stones no ghosts

    Posted 1/23/23

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  • Twin churches

    Does anyone have the coordinates of the churches ?

    Posted 8/20/22

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  • Church location

    For anyone looking for the church, it’s called twin churches. It’s close to cemetery mountain but not technically on it. You’ll see a large white church that looks normal however behind it on a hill in the woods (visible during the day through the trees) there’s an exact replica of the same church. This is because the original owners abandoned it and rebuilt the church a few yards away and continue to use that church to this day. The abandoned church behind it is the one everyone talks about. It’s on a road in munford, at the end of the road is the church and there’s a left you can take to get to Oxford.

    Posted 8/19/22

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  • Infant cemetery

    So we all decided it would be cool to take a ride up to this church my friend told us about okay cool we got out looked around nothing bad , then we turned towards 2 trees when we heard the leaves shaking when we did we saw something black hit the ground then it stood up 7ft tall and just watched us the whole time well we turned the other way and then back towards the trees and bam it was gone, so we walked towards the cemetery and I felt like someone was trying to grab my hand then tug on my shirt . I didn’t say anything to anyone with us. Then we got out of there

    Posted 8/1/21

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  • Church

    This has been years ago, maybe 25 years. The hubby and I used to take day trips and just ride through cheaha, getting lost and having fun doing it. We saw a small cemetery on the side of one of the dirt roads but didn't stop because that day we were following his cousin. We were both in pickup trucks. A ways up the road his cousin took a left and we said our goodbyes and went straight. We ended up at a little church in the middle of nowhere. It was white with those concrete slab tables on the other side. You know the ones that they used to have yard sales, picnics etc with. We did not go inside, but noticed there was a sign up ahead so we looked and it was a gun club or shooting range I can't remember which. Nobody was around. It was kinda creepy out there just because the church was so pretty and old. Kinda wish we had tried the door.

    Posted 9/24/20

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  • Hit a trail around there but found no cemeteries..

    Can someone please tell me exactly (coordinates would be nice ??) where some of these cemtaries are? Google put us in the middle of the road and then we found this really long gravel dirt road down from there. We probably didn't put a dent in where those roads lead but I didn't know where the graves were supposed to be? Any useful information would be great. Email is rob.roy717@gmail.com. Thanks

    Posted 5/16/20

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  • "The Little Boy"

    So growing up my dad always rode us around cheaha mountain and cemetary mountain. A few years back me and my dad went on an afternoon drive up to cemetary mountain and of course if you go to cemetary mountain It's common to want to get out and find some super old headstones. As there are many headstones, cracked open graves, and even sunk in graves so if you visit I would use caution. Well long story short we came back down the mountain and there's this little white church with a graveyard beside it, I remember I was staring out my window and and as I went to turn my head to look the other way I saw a little boy in what seemed to be some really old looking overalls and a hat, he seemed to have looked about 4-5 years old. When I looked to my dad I didn't say a word, a few moment later my dad spoke up and said "did you see that too?" and at that moment I had chills run from my neck to my toes! I knew for a fact that then I wasn't just seeing things. Today actually we went back up on another afternoon drive except this time we stopped at the church and went up to the graveyard beside it, although there were many infant graves. One spoke to me, I didn't catch the little boys name, but marked at the bottom it read. "He is not dead, he is sleepeth" and to this moment I honestly feel that may have been the little boy we had saw, this gravestone also indicated the little boy being 5.

    Posted 4/3/20

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  • I live on Cemetery Mountain

    We ride the trails often. There are many cemeteries up here. Most require a 4WD to get to. Even some of those are well kept. Evidently a plague came thru here in early 1900's. A lot of infant deaths. One cemetery is nothing but babies. It is a bit eerie at these cemeteries deep in the back woods. I've seen no ghost ...yet. I have talked to a couple of people who say they've seen the "little boy". I know of no satanic church. BTW...Christian preachers up here are armed. Most everyone carries firearms. Perv devil worshipers beware. You can easily disappear up here.

    Posted 9/1/19

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  • Church

    U know I'm starting to doubt the stories everything I read there don't seem to be anyone who knows we're the church is

    Posted 3/28/17

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  • Questions

    Does anyone know how to get to the church. I would really like to know. Wanna get scared on halloween

    Posted 10/2/16

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  • Possible With

    I found cemetery mountain and a bunch of my friends went but I did not. They didn't make it out of there vehicle before a woman they say was a witch started yelling "LEAVE" and "GO AWAY". These are all grown people one who is very tall and super strong and he said he was scared to go back. We all ended up going back and heard more women screams but we got out of the car looking for the church and all we found was a dead end trail.

    Posted 7/23/16

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