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It is said that years ago a teenage girl was returning home from prom with her boyfriend in his truck when the couple got into an argument. The girl got out of the truck to walk home, but never made it; her body was found the next day in a ditch along the side of the road, having evidently been run over by a large truck. Since then her spirit has been seen at points on the highway between Natural Bridge and Jasper, and it is said that if an 18-wheeler travels down the road on a rainy night she will climb onto the side of the truck to peek inside and see whether the driver is the one that killed her.
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  • Fake

    Is this the same ghost that walks near the old raceway? The story keeps changing! Supposedly a truck driver hit and killed her when she decided to walk home in the rain, after her and her b/f got into an argument while watching the races. Problem is, I have been a researcher and ghost hunter (investigator) for the better part of my life. And after going over various city, county and state records, there is nothing about a girl killed here. Never have I or associates seen anything. Just a small (very small) town story trying to drum up interest! Chalk this one up to an urban legend!

    Posted 6/20/23

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  • The Girl at the racetrack in Jasper Al

    This story is nothing to laugh at this driver explained it just the way it happens in 1999 my wife and I was trucking a tanker full of orange juice from Florida to Arkansas and we were heading northbound I don’t even know what time it was I know I was dam tired for sure because when the driver slammed on his brakes and stopped he said he just ran over a girl me hauling OJ when I hit the brakes it knocked my wife out of the bunk on to floor of the truck with no baffles in a food grade tank it hurts bad when you stop fast like that the driver in front said he ran over somebody and I told him I would get out and take a look and for him to call 911 he was a mess and he didn’t want to see what happened to the girl I walked around his truck and couldn’t find a thing I got down on my hands and knees and looked under the front of the truck couldn’t see anything and there was no damage on his truck I went around to his door and said there’s nothing there and pretty much accused him of smoking wacky weed when another driver behind my truck came up to us he was a local driver and started chucking he said I think you just got puncked by the the lady that was haunting this area after being hit way back in the 60s or something like that then the local police showed up and informed us this happened from time to time usually when a driver is getting sleepy or tied it still haunts me to this day

    Posted 2/17/23

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  • Jasper ghost is true

    That girl showed up one there is a stock car track right there my wife and I it’s about 1:00 maybe 2:00 am we where following another truck 18 wheeler in front of us we where going northbound the Truck in front slams his breaks on swerved all over the road and stopped I back it down and his scared voice came over the radio saying he had just hit a girl I called 911 for police and ambulance and told the driver we better get out and take a look when we did we could not find anyone we looked everywhere the police and Ambulance showed up and when we said we could not find anyone the police officer said you just meet I can not remember the girls name bet he told us the story about her the driver in front said he hit her with the right side of his truck fender although I never seen the ghost what the driver did in front of me convinced me something had happened I couldn’t explain then the police officer kinda finished and back up the story all ways wonder how many other people have had the same experience well that’s all I have to say about it

    Posted 10/19/20

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  • It's Real

    Around 2 30 am I was travelling to Birmingham on what my Garmin said was I 22. I just past natural bridge turnoff and what I later remembered to be exits 50 and up. A dark black mass knelt in the middle of road then shot over to the right. Instantly I got an electric chill in my body and freezing cold. This was August 16 so had my window down enjoying the night air. I became startled and very spooked as that spirit came upon me inside the cab. I grew up sensitive to such things and knew exactly what it was. I just began to pray and as i did I began to imagine a very black long stringy wet haored female...and I knew she had been killed while standing or walking along the road. I just kept praying but it spooked me almost all the way to Birmingham before noticeably departing. I immediately looked on Google for ghosts on I 22 but only got this famous story of a haunting on hiway 5. But I was thinking that's not it. Finally I dug deeper and found that whatever the hiway number really is other drivers had similar experiences between natural bridge and jasper or what I later remembered as the bridge and all the 50 numbered exits. So I'm assuming this is hiway 5 also? Whatever it may be that spirit is very real and very very strong. She froze me and ecen now get very spooked at the memory of her watching me in my truck. .

    Posted 8/16/20

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  • It's true

    My dad is a trucker for over 40 years, he has said on more than one occasion that he has seen her and felt an eerie presence while on that section of road. My dad had my mom ride with him one day on a run. He didnt tell my mom where they were. My mom is clairvoyant and felt her presence right when they were there and said something to my dad. Thats when he told her where they were

    Posted 10/8/19

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  • Ghost of Lynn, Alabama

    Did anyone know her name?

    Posted 8/18/19

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  • bruh

    ay this dead girl lookin kinda fine doe fr ??

    Posted 7/18/19

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  • Trucker Scarred For Life

    My dad went to school at Lynn growing up and was also a truck driver. He always told me stories about the highway 5 ghost. He recalled how one day a trucker stopped in at the Bridge restaurant and looked as pale as a piece of paper. His other trucker buddies asked him what was wrong and he responded, "You're never going to believe what just happened to me." He proceeded to tell them that he was passing by and he turned to see a lady on the side of his truck peeking in at him. Then she disappeared... the other truckers just laughed and told him that there is supposed to be a ghost that haunts that road and it has happened to several people. From what I remember, he never took that route again... I assume this only works for truck drivers on rainy nights so if you're in a regular vehicle looking for a haunt this probably isn't the site to look for.

    Posted 3/1/19

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  • H

    Wonder what would happen if u called her by name

    Posted 8/22/18

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  • Felt but not seen

    I had driven this highway many times and joked about the ghost to other truckers. Then one night two other drivers and I was heading out of Jasper and one of them asked about the woman at the dragstrip. I told him the story as I had heard it. Later when we passed that spot they stopped talking on the CB radio. I asked them, after a short pause, "Did you feel that?" They both replied back,"yes". A deathly cold came in from the right and passed thru each one of us as we passed by. Believe me there is something there!

    Posted 5/1/17

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  • What a scary. Storie

    She looks ok

    Posted 10/27/16

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